Réponse Rapide: Are Rear Fog Lamps Included In French Controle Technique?

Is it illegal to not have a rear fog light?

Rear fog lights are a legal requirement on all cars.

How much is a Controle Technique in France?

The charges imposed by the test centres are not controlled by the government, and currently cost anything between €70 and €100.

Why do Europeans use rear fog lights?

While not common in the U.S., rear fog lights are mandatory in Europe. The job of the rear fog lamp is to reveal the position of your vehicle when driving in the fog, snow or other conditions that limit visibility. Your normal taillights are fairly dim, so they are not as likely be seen in foggy weather.

Are fog lights a legal requirement?

All cars must be fitted with rear fog lights as it’s a legal requirement. Front fog lights are not a legal requirement, but if your car has them you should only use them when visibility is severely restricted.

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Do both rear fog lights have to work for mot?

Front fog lights aren’t a legal requirement. In fact, many models of car don’t actually have front fog lights so if you’ve got a front bulb out don’t panic! However, the rear fog lights are required to work in order to pass your MOT so check them before you bring your car in.

Can I drive with a broken rear fog light?

If the fog lights of the car are broken then it is not safe and it needs to be repaired. Therefore, if the fog lights are broken then it should not be done. And if it is not used then it is not considered legal. So, you should understand that not it is legal to drive with the rear fog light smashed.

What is a carte grise in France?

What is a carte grise in france? The term “carte grise (gray card)” means in France the registration certificate. The French registration certificate (carte grise) is mandatory for French and foreign drivers domiciled in France wishing to travel on public roads in France or resell their vehicle.

What is an MOT test called in France?

The compulsory roadworthiness test for your car or other motor vehicle in France: why, when, where and how to get it done The contrôle technique is a compulsory test for roadworthiness (similar to the UK MOT) for all vehicles of more than 4 years of age.

Can I get an MOT in France?

A DVLA spokesman said that where an MOT has run out the owner is allowed to arrange an MOT test and drive to the centre for the test and then from the test centre to their registered UK home. He confirmed this would include driving it from France to a pre-arranged test in the UK.

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How many rear fog lights does a car have?

Some cars are designed with one or two rear fog lights. However, only the light on the driver’s side is turned on to avoid confusion with brake lights. If road visibility is extremely poor and your car doesn’t have rear fog lights, a driver behind you may not be able to see your car until it’s too late.

When should fog lamps be used?

If there’s no falling precipitation but the road is wet or with glossy ice, fog lamps must be used with good judgment. The purpose of the fog lamp is to show the driver the road edges, lane markings and the foreground abruptly appearing during road drive.

What are Audi rear fog lights?

The rear fog light is meant to be piercing so that, when driving in fog, the vehicle can be seen by the motorists behind it.

Can fog lights blind other drivers?

There are fog lights, which are mounted down low and illuminate the road immediately in front of the car. So, driving lights WILL blind oncoming drivers, and they should be used just as high beams are used: on remote roads when there’s no oncoming traffic.

Can I use fog lights as headlights?

Fog lights must be used like your high-beams: turned off when within 500 feet of an oncoming vehicle and within 350 feet when following another vehicle. Fog lights must have a separate switch from regular headlights. Fog lights may not be used instead of headlights.

What will happen if you use rear fog lights in good conditions?

Explanation: Rear fog lights shine more brightly than normal rear lights, so that they show up in reduced visibility. When the visibility improves, you must switch them off; this stops them dazzling the driver behind.

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